Human trafficking is a big problem, especially for Chastity Jack. After she and a few others are captured by a human trafficking ring, they find themselves stranded on an island with very little chance of getting free. Can Chastity save the victims when she can barely save herself? Read the synopsis for Chastity #5  below:

Chastity is up to her elbows in blood — some of it is even her own! And she’s out of allies and out of options.  Forget saving the group of human trafficking victims she’s given her all to protect — she’s going to have a hard-enough time getting off an uncharted (for nefarious reasons) island she’s stranded on.  Is this it for Chastity Jack?

Erik Burnham and Daniel Maine (Robyn Hood) share writing duties with Maine continuing on interior art. Covers include entries from Catherine Nodet (X-Files)Ale Garza, and Maine. There are also black and white versions of each.

Chastity #5 hits stores on Wednesday February 26. Head over to your favorite local comic shop to pick up your copy. To buy the issue online, stop by Dynamite Comics’ website. For digital, the issue is available on comiXology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

The Beat received an exclusive look at the issue. Check out covers and some interior pages here.

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