From cops to bats to zombies, Catwoman just can’t catch a break! Following Raina Creel’s assault on Catwoman’s lair, the conflict between the two has reached a breaking point. Villa Hermosa has been plunged into chaos, and it’s time for Catwoman to step out of the shadows and stop hiding from her past. Will she able to do so? Or is Catwoman #21 the end of the line for her?

Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of next Wednesday‘s Catwoman #21.

Writer: Joelle Jones
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Colorist: FCO Pascencia
Letterer: Saida Temofonte

In this action-packed conclusion to the Villa Hermosa epic, Catwoman and Raina Creel go head-to-head. Win or lose, this is a crossroads for Catwoman. Will she stay with her sister in their new home, or return to Gotham City and the life she hoped she had left behind?

Catwoman #21 Catwoman #21 Catwoman #21 Catwoman #21


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