In today’s exclusive preview of BEQUEST #2 from AfterShock Comics, the story takes us to high fantasy realms…and also Chicago’s tourist trap, Navy Pier.

That is, after all, the general conceit of this new series from writer Tim Seely, artist Freddie E. Williams II, colorist Jeremy Colwell, and letterer Marshall Dillon. Debuting last month, this is essentially a series that bounces between far-flung fantasy realms…and also modern day Chicago. It’s an interesting mash-up, one that seems likely to continue to pay more plot dividends (whatever that means) as the series advances.

This next issue of the book — four interior pages of which appear below — is due out from the publisher on April 21. You can find our exclusive preview below, following the jump with the official solicitation info from AfterShock. Enjoy!

Preview: BEQUEST #2

BEQUEST #2 / $4.99 / 32 Pages / Color / On Sale 4.21.2021
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Freddie E. Williams II
Colorist: Jeremy Colwell
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Cover: Freddie E. Williams II w/ Jeremy Colwell 

As the sword and sorcery slinging “War Party” tries to make themselves at home in modern Chicago, the mad monk Epoch Craev unleashes his beasts. Now, our heroes must venture into a dank dungeon filled with unknowable horrors: Lower Wacker Drive!

Bequest #2

Bequest #2