At the end of Batman #80, Bruce Wayne’s father from another dimension was forced to make a choice. Face to face with Damian Wayne, his own flesh and blood, Thomas Wayne must decide between his grandson’s life and his loyalty to Bane. And as Batman #81 begins, his decision is made.

All the while, Batman and Catwoman have infiltrated Gotham. As they head towards Arkham asylum for a final showdown with Gotham’s new “defender,” the secrets behind their plans will be revealed. Will they be able to stop Bane’s plot and free Gotham from the control of its villains? Or will all the rooftop jumping and beach-side training have been for naught?

It’s all coming to a close now as the clock ticks towards the end of this epic Batman run, penned by Tom King and drawn by a cavalcade of incredible artists. Check out The Beat‘s exclusive preview of Batman #81, out this Wednesday. And subscribe to The Beat‘s YouTube Channel for an exclusive interview with Tom King, releasing later this week.

Writer: Tom King
Pencillers: John Romita Jr. & Mitch Gerads
Inkers: Klaus Janson & Mitch Gerads
Colorists: Tomeu Morey & Mitch Gerads
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

It’s time for the big showdown. Batman is calling Bane out. But is the Dark Knight Detective ready to take on the foe who broke him worse than any other that came before? And what else stands in Batman’s way, to put an obstacle between him and his enemy? Tread lightly, Batman, because not only do the lives of your son and trusted friends hang in the balance, but your entire home could collapse on top of you!

Batman #81 Preview Batman #81 PreviewBatman #81 Preview Interior


  1. yea the backgrounds are all 1 color? and not much detail. I get that time is money but it looks like it was outsourced to teenagers in china.

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