Doom Patrol – Weight of the Worlds #7 arrives this week, delivering a finale that wraps up the long story that was started back in 2016 by writer Gerard Way and artist Nick Derington, with Doom Patrol #1 and the launch of DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint.

And today, The Beat is honored to have an exclusive preview of the book. You can find the preview pages below following the jump with the creative team credits and the solicit text for the book. In today’s preview, you’ll find three pages from tomorrow’s release that feature Cliff Steele but turned into a planet, a trip to Jane’s Underground, and a pure unadulturated shot of ol’ Flex Mentallo’s bare butt. You know, the usual Doom Patrol stuff.

It’s a great issue and fitting finale, and you can get your first glimpses of it (as well as Flex Mentallo’s aforementioned posterior) below…enjoy!

Doom Patrol – Weight of the Worlds #7

Writers: Gerard Way and Jeremy Lambert
Artist: Nick Derington
Inkers: Mike Allred and Nick Derington
Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
Letterer: Simon Bowland

Everyone needs to be held like a baby. Bundle yourself up, slide into the loving arms of a friend, and strap yourself in for the thrilling conclusion to Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds.

Doom Patrol - Weight of the Worlds

Doom Patrol - Weight of the Worlds