Our report for PW Daily on Day 0 is up here, with some notes on the ICv2 conference.

The big news, via PR, is that there will be more BONE material on the way from Scholastic, written by creator Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski and drawn by Smith.

Elsewhere, it was announced that Jeff Smith will continue to create and publish new stories for Bone, his immensely popular epic fantasy adventure graphic novel series, for Scholastic. He’ll collaborate with writer Tom Sniegoski on Bone: Tall Tales, coming next summer. Next comes expansion of the Bone world—the Quest for the Spark Trilogy. Overseen by Smith, the trilogy will be written by Sniegoski and illustrated by Smith. The first book in the trilogy will be out in Fall 2010 and represents the first time Smith has continued Bone’s adventures beyond the original series. Scholastic has sold more than 4 million copies of the Bone series.

Reprinted material will include such things as the never-before-reprinted Bone story from Disney Adventures.

We managed to catch up with Smith this morning and he confirmed that the first volume of the trilogy will include Smiley Bone and Bartleby in a series of “Bone Scout” stories, with a trio of young scouts telling tale tales (in the grand comics tradition of the Junior Woodchucks.) More will be told at this afternoon’s Jeff Smith/Terry Moore panel.


  1. Awesome scoop, Beatrix!

    Will Scholastic reprint “Stupid, Stupid Rat-Tails”?

    And any FIRM date on the Pogo collection Mr. Smith is designing? It keeps getting pushed back…

    Bone Handbook 9780545211420 February 2010 $9.99 96p.

  2. The Bone press release seems a little confused to me. First of all, it’s under the impression that “Rose” was new when it was published by Scholastic a little while back, when in fact it was published years and years ago during Bone’s initial run. “Tall Tales” is also not as new as the press release claims. It was put out at the same time as Rose.

    Not that any of that matters, but what it does make me wonder is if Tom Sniegoski is in fact helping Smith write the new Bone trilogy as the press release claims, or if the press release was just confused about Sniegoski’s writing credit on the original “Tall Tales” mini.

  3. Oh snap Torsten- I didn’t realize that the old miniseries was actually called “Stupid, Stupid Rat Tales” and not “Tall Tales”. I bet “Tall Tales” actually is “Stupid, Stupid Rat Tales”.