From our hotel window, we can see that Camp Twilight has folded its tents and moved inside, after a grueling night spent sleeping on concrete and swatting giant cockroaches with shoes. Seriously, boys, could YOU handle spending a night outside fighting bugs and rats just to meet Kevin Smith?

Hope the panel is as good as they all hoped.

Also, someone, please link to the blogs of the campers…those are what we’re dying to read!

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  1. Here’s one live report on the campers. There might be a lot of blogging about the campout afterward.

    Aura Reynolds and Liberty Griffen nabbed the first spot in the long line by getting here Tuesday night at 9 p.m. with their daughters Rebecca and Kristen. Their yellow and blue tent marks the beginning of rows upon rows of tents, chairs and blankets that form the twisting line outside Hall H, where the panel takes place at 1:45 p.m. tomorrow. The landscape looks like a giant family picnic, with bright-colored folding chairs and sleeping bags littered with black Twilight T-shirts and banners.

  2. If i was a publisher of comics that I thought that those camping girls would read, ( and maybe buy later) I’d have been down there giving away free promo copies to them all. Talk about a camptive oops, CAPTIVE audience… Did anyone do that, I wonder?