Ahead of the English language debut of María Llovet‘s dark love story HeartbeatThe Beat can exclusively reveal the Mirka Andolfo variant cover for issue #1! The five-issue series follows high school outcast Eva, who finds herself witness to a horrifying secret: Donatien, the most popular boy in school, loves the taste of blood enough that he will kill to get his hands on it.

What follows is a twisted, violent, decadent, disturbing tale in which Eva allows herself to be pulled into Donatien’s macabre world — but at what cost? Can she betray her moral code for something that may give her life more meaning? Can either she or Donatien ever really achieve redemption?

A marriage between Andolfo’s signature style and Llovet’s story is a match made in Heaven. The Mirka Andolfo variant cover for Heartbeat #1 features a flirtatious blonde girl being pulled toward — or perhaps pulling away from — a figure with gray-green skin. The off-camera figure has their hand wrapped around the girl’s wrist in a loose grip, recalling that popular Instagram framing where one person is leading another forward for some kind of adventure. It’s soft and romantic, but also decidedly creepy, which seems to be the overall vibe of this entire comic.

Heartbeat #1 debuts Nov. 20, 2019. Contact your local comic shop to preorder the Andolfo variant, which you can check out below. You can also visit boom-studios.com for more information about the series.

Mirka Andolfo variant - Heartbeat #1