Today The Beat has an exclusive preview of Knock ‘Em Dead #2, the new book from AfterShock Comics due out this Wednesday.

Knock ‘Em Dead #2 is the second issue of a new book from AfterShock Comics about stand-up comedy and also the supernatural (thus the name). The first issue hit last month, marking a really strong start from the new series by writer Eliot Rahal, artist Mattia Monaco, colorist Matt Milla, and letterer Taylor Esposito.

If you read the first issue, you know the ending involved a pretty shocking twist. Well, today’s exclusive preview of the second issue picks up almost exactly where that one left off. That second issue, it should be noted, should be available at your local comic shop this coming Wednesday, giving you a great option to start the year by trying a new indie comic.

Anyway! Check out interior pages from the forthcoming issue below, following the solicit info for the comic…enjoy!

KNOCK EM DEAD #2 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale 1.06.21
Writer: Eliot Rahal
Artist: Mattia Monaco
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Cover: Andy Clarke with Jose Villarrubia
Incentive Cover: Ray Lago  

Pryor Brice died…but only for a couple of seconds.

The thing is, he didn’t come back alone. The spirit of Danny Baron, Pryor’s (more successful) comedian friend, was brought back with him. Trapped inside Pryor’s body, the ghost of Danny offers Pryor a supernatural deal: He’ll write Pryor’s material so Danny can still be successful, even after death.

Their bargain comes with supernatural strings attached and, soon, Pryor will discover that
comedy is no laughing matter.

Knock 'Em Dead #2