This past spring we told you about a brand-new English translation of Heavy Metal heavyweight Enki Bilal‘s series Exterminator 17. Next Tuesday, November 20th, sees the release of that volume and we’ve got an extended art preview for you courtesy of Statix Press. I’ll let the folks from Statix, an imprint of Titan Comics formed this fall to deliver European comics to the English-language market, explain:

Warrior robots [known as Exterminators] are strewn across the galaxy, fighting for their human masters. But when the creator of these mechanical killers finds his soul trapped in an Exterminator, the balance of power is about to shift.

Bilal is known for The Nikopol Trilogy, and here he’s paired with comic author Jean-Pierre Dionnet. You can check out the first ten pages from Exterminator 17 below.

Creator: Jean-Pierre Dionnet

Illustrator: Enki Bilal

Publisher: Titan Comics

Imprint: Statix Press

Hardcover, 240pp, $39.99, £35.99

On sale: November 20, 2018

ISBN: 9781785867330



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