At its heart, Goddess Mode is a story about how idealists and dreamers too often have the worlds they build stolen from them and perverted by those in positions of power. That’s how Hermeticorp, the company that controls everything from healthcare to augments in peoples’ brains, discovered Azoth, the digital network that connects Earth to world fueled by magic. Hermeticorp’s CEO, Tucker Brady, wanted to make sure that he had control over all the newly discovered magic. So as new magic users continued to awaken on Earth, he had the system process them, disposing of those whose powers he deemed threatening and coopting others to take their power for themselves.
But Goddess Mode isn’t only a story about the idealists being beaten down– it’s a story about what happens when the downtrodden find the strength to fight back. Our lead hero, Cassandra Price, aka the Oracle of Garbage, and the rest of the Tall Poppies, are the only people who now stand in the way of Azoth processing and consuming everyone and everything else on Earth. If they have any hope of stopping the threat and perhaps, in the process, building a new world, they’ll need to work together.
Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of Goddess Mode #6, out this Wednesday, after the jump.

Writer: Zoë Quinn
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Simon Bowland
With the astonishing secret of Azoth revealed at last and the fate of the digital and analog worlds at stake, the Tall Poppies come into conflict over which is the best of very bad options, all of them fatal. As Cassandra agonizes over whom to side with, the girls’ true enemy makes their move.

Goddess Mode #6 Preview Goddess Mode #6 Preview Goddess Mode #6 PreviewGoddess Mode #6 PreviewGoddess Mode #6 Preview


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