Bart Simms returns to the Valiant Universe in 2020, and the stakes are higher than ever. Ahead of the February launch of Doctor Tomorrow #1, which launches a five-issue mini-series starring the World War II superhero, The Beat can exclusively reveal the Kenneth Rocafort cover art, as well as four variants.

Written by Alejandro Arbona with art by Jim Towe, colors by Diego Rodriguez, and letters by Clayton CowlesDoctor Tomorrow is a straightforward superhero comic where the entire Valiant Universe is in peril — but there’s still plenty to laugh about.

I sat down to write this as a totally straightforward superhero comic, with extremely high stakes of the entire Valiant Universe being in peril, but I felt like I knew these characters so well that I kept discovering funny moments with them. Practically every other scene has comedy beats in it,” Arbona tells The Beat in an exclusive statement. I generally feel like life is funny and absurd and stranger than fiction, and that’s how this comic plays out. But that’s in keeping with the overall theme, which I can’t discuss in any kind of detail, because of spoilers. This is an extremely spoiler-heavy comic, don’t let anyone blow it for you.”

In an exclusive statement for The Beat, Valiant’s Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers explains, Doctor Tomorrow sprang out of non-work lunch that Alejandro and I had. A bowl of ramen turned into a three-hour creative session! Once Jim came on board, the process just took off. Every time a script, a character design, or page comes in, we’ve all had a mini-celebration. Bringing on Diego and Clayton really rounded out the look and feel of the book. Just thrilled with the whole team.”

Arbona also sings Towe’s praises, remarking, It takes an artist like Jim to hum on the same frequency that this story does and that I do, to internalize it and make it his own and then actually do the heaviest lifting of making it real. And man, did he ever hum on this story’s frequency.”

Meyers adds, We are truly striving for a fun, upbeat book and Alejandro and Jim really nailed it.”

To learn more, readers will have to dive in when the first issue hits shelves on February 19, 2020.

“There are things about this comic that I think will really resonate with readers and that I think people will be really excited about, but I can’t talk about what those things are, because they’re giant spoilers,” Arbona reiterates.

Check out the covers for Doctor Tomorrow #1 below and be sure to pre-order from your local comic shop. For more information about the series, visit


Written by Alejandro Arbona
Art by Jim Towe
Colors by Diego Rodriguez
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover A by Kenneth Rocafort
Cover B by Stacey Lee
Cover C by Raúl Allén
Preorder Edition Cover by Doug Braithwaite
Wraparound Character Design Variant by Jim Towe

Teen hothead Bart Simms is about to meet the Valiant Universe’s greatest hero… himself! The can’t-miss superhero adventure of 2020 starts here!

On Sale February 19th | 32 pgs | $3.99 | T+

Doctor Tomorrow #1

Doctor Tomorrow #1 Doctor Tomorrow #1 Doctor Tomorrow #1