Quarantine has been made a bit easier with the help of SYFY Wire’s fabulous new show, The Great Debate! Hosted by Geek expert & Thespian extraordinaire Baron Vaughn (Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return), The Great Debate settles some of the world’s most controversial debates in the geek sphere, allowing your favorite pop-culture fanatics to come head to head and lay it all out on the line, for a chance to be crowned The Greatest Debater.

This week is no different, featuring the best of best, including Maude Garrett (Geek Bomb), Matt Kirshen (Probably Science), Jonah Ray (MST3K: The Return), and Comedian Ify Nwadiwe (Workaholics). In the hilarious and exclusive clip below, watch Ify Nwadiwe defend his favorite film quotes and hint, they may or may involve an iconic actor in one of his lesser-seen film roles, that still somehow garnered a legendary line. Watch it here and then tune into an all-new episode of The Great Debate tonight on SYFY, 11/10 PM Central!