Today Immortal Studios is launching a Kickstarter for Assassin G, the latest entry in their Wuxia martial arts shared universe. The series by writer Jen Troy, artist He Tao, colorist HiFi, and letterer AndWorld Design, follows an orphaned assassin as she seeks revenge on those who betrayed her family. Today The Beat is excited to reveal a pair of variant covers for the comic by superstar artists Jim Cheung and Gene Ha.

Here’s how Immortal Studios describes Assassin G:

In ASSASSIN G, Margot Gan was orphaned at the age of two and raised to be a master martial artist, the virtually unstoppable and ghostlike Assassin G. Her sole mission in life is to eliminate the powerful families of the Seven Cultivations Alliance and avenge their betrayal of her stepmother, the formidable Shui Hongshao. But everything changes when Assassin G encounters JP Yin, the leading heir of the Yueyang Family (one of the families of the Seven Cultivations Alliance).

Along with the cover reveal, writer Jen Troy and Immortal Studios Founder and CEO Peter Shiao told The Beat a bit more about the comic, and how it fits into the shared universe the publisher is building:

“Assassin G follows our title character Assassin G seeking revenge for her beloved master and adoptive mother while unexpectedly finding romance throughout the course of the series.” – Jen Troy

“This is a modern continuation of the Xiao Niu (the martial heroine) tradition of Wuxia which are stories toplined by a heroine. In this case, an assassin who slowly recovers her humanity and falls in love with her chief nemesis as the ancient order of the seven cultivation alliance faces total annihilation in the dawn of the 1980’s. We are incredibly proud of this chapter of the Immortal Storyverse.” – Peter Shiao

Assassin G is based on Shiao Yi‘s novel 甘 19 妹 (Gan the 19th Sister), which has previously been adapted into other media including television a number of times. Actress Lucy Yang (杨璐), who played Sister Gan 19 in the original television adaptation of the novel back in 1996, told The Beat what it was like to read the new comic adaptation of the story:

“As the main character who plays the first Sister Gan 19, I have a deep feeling when I read the comics.  And I think it’s an awesome idea to bring Sister Gan 19 to the modern world.  When I read the comics for the first time, I enjoyed the wonderful storytelling and the flow of the story.  Whoever created all these characters is just a genius. All these are so amazing to me!”

Check out the variant covers by Ha and Cheung, as well as another cover by Gian Galang and an exclusive interior preview of Assassin G below. The Kickstarter campaign to produce the single issue is live now, and runs until Thursday, September 15th.