Excellence is sending every issue of its run back to print. The fantasy action series from Image is on its third issue, going on its fourth come August 21. It’s written by Brandon Thomas (Horizon, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Noble) with art by Khary Randolph (We Are Robin, Black, Tech Jacket), colors by Emilio Lopez and letters by Deron Bennett. 

Excellence tells the story of Spencer Dales – a boy with a fantastical family history. His father acts as a member of a secret society of black magicians, an organization called Aegis. Since its inception, members have helped only those deemed to have potential. His father wants him to take up the family business, but Spencer has his reservations. In his eyes, Aegis represents a broken system desperately in need of change.

This isn’t the first trip back to print for Excellence. Issue #1 hit a second printing back on May 20, just two weeks after it initially hit shelves on May 8.

All of the reprints will be available in August, along with issue #4. If you want to get caught up on this series – or just get your hands on physical copies – check out the Diamond codes and final order cutoffs below for each issue.

Excellence #1, third printing (Diamond Code JUN198683), Excellence #2, second printing (Diamond Code JUN198684), Excellence #3, second printing (Diamond Code JUN198685) hit comic shops on Wednesday, August 28. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, August 5.

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