200706281256From the heart of the Crab Nebula, a great hero shall come! With his own comic. EW previews the long-promised Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen comic from Oni with interviews with writers John Layman and Jim Massey, and a preview of the back-up story. Massey spills on Colbert’s participation:

He mostly addresses individual lines and jokes, but he did provide some direction to help clarify things for me. The note that had the most impact was his desire that Tek Jansen not have any reference to the reality of our Earth. I think he realized that the fact that the Tek character exists in the context of the Colbert show means that it has some echoes of the real world no matter what you put in — so it’s almost too on-the-nose to make jokes that reference real-world goings on. So if, say, I would make a joke based on mad cow disease, that wasn’t appropriate.

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