When we say we’ve been busy we are almost too busy to even post a few pictures. Wednesday, we went to the opening of TELLING TALES at the Adam Baumgold Gallery, and it’s an excellent show, spotlighting a variety of styles. We have to say Carol Tyler is the star of the show — her color work is gorgeous, and she did a new painting of herself as a bride saying “I’m married to COMICS” which sort of summed things up. A couple of piccies.

Carol Tyler and Diane Noomin, who is in the show. Tyler admitted her output up until now has been sparse, but she is working on a long graphic novel about her father’s war stories. Noomin spends most of her time sculpting these days; she says that’s her first artistic love.

PaperRad’s Jessica Ciocci, who is working on a new collection.
Tyler and daughter Julia Green. With parents Tyler and Justin Green, Julia has impeccable cartoon bloodlines, but she’s pursuing a career in fashion. Having such creative parents has helped though, she says.

Also at the opening: Megan Kelso, Danny Hellman, Bob Sikoryak, and First Second’s Gina Gagliano, as well as curator Dan Nadel.

Last night, we stopped by SVA to see the McCloud Family Tour. We missed Scott’s talk, because we were working, but we interviewed him earlier in the day — we hope to have that posted soonish — but we hung out at the little gathering for the faculty afterwards. Here’s a few pics from that.
The girls of comics: Winter McCloud meets Sabina Bertozzi.

We dared these tooners to eat pizza while we snapped a picture…and they DID! On the left is SVA student Nina Kester (?sp) whom we begged to be our intern, but she is already interning for like five places and runs Cartoon Allies, the SVA student blog, so apparently she’s taking over comics or something. That’s Raina Telgemeier on the right. If you haven’t been following Raina’s webcomic SMILE, you are missing out on a harrowing tale of dental danger and misery.

Winter plays AVENUE Q for Tom Hart. Later she sang many of the songs for him, and inexplicably, joined Sky McCloud and The Beat in a rousing chorus of “Being Alive” from COMPANY. That was The Beat‘s idea. The Beat knows Broadway scores from prior to about 1976 very well, but after that we’re very hazy. Winter asked if we knew SPAMALOT, and we had to say no, whereupon she pronounced, “You’re not very well educated!” We could only nod our head in shame.
The boys of comics: Jason Little, Matt Madden and David Mazzuchelli. I wonder what they are talking about?

Now you notice something is severely wrong with these photos. There are no photos of SCOTT MCCLOUD. Or Ivy McCloud or Sky McCloud. That is because we are so stressed out we are forgetting to take pictures of the important stuff. Luckily, you can see Scott and more lucid pictures here at the McCloud Tour blog.



  1. Heidi,

    You did spell Nina’s name correctly (and yes she would be an excellent intern and she is indeed “taking over comics or something”).

    We took a bunch of photos at the talk and at the party and I will send you some when I upload them later…