Scott King interviews quotable Brad Meltzer, who puts the comcis dream in perspective:

Elliot: Comics is a US thing? I thought it was Japan.
Brad: You can say comics first came from cave paintings, but the modern comic comes form the US and I love when people try to quiz me on it during interviews. You have these artsy guys who get impressed that I write comic books, but when they ask about them they call them graphic novels. I’m like the only reason you call them graphic novels is because you are too snobby to just call them what they are. You know there is nothing like being able to sit at home and write the words that appear in Superman’s mouth. Every 13 year old boy has two dreams, to sleep with a playboy model and to write comic books.


  1. Seriously, why don’t girls read mainstream comics?

    And, I mean… come on… as a verified “artsy” person (being a graduate student at the Art Institute of Chicago), I can say very definitely no artsy person has ever been impressed with Brad Meltzer’s writing. That’s a lie.

    It’s like he’s still mad Harpers spent half of a book review making fun of him for being an asshat.