War of Light

In response to a fan’s query regarding more work at DC,  artist Ethan Van Sciver has confirmed that he’ll be concentrating on his own work for the time being, including his long running Cyberfrog series.

Van Sciver had a long run at DC under an exclusive contract, including a lot of work on the Green Lantern franchise with Geoff Johns. An Indiegogo campaign for Cyberfrog has raised nearly $200,000 as of this writing, so obviously Van Sciver isn’t hurting for funds.

Cyberfrog goes all the way back to 1994 when the young artist  published the character with Hall of Heroes and Harris Comics.

The artist has become a lightning rod for controversy in recent years with tweets that some saw as bullying, as well as an alignment with the openly abusive and anti-diversity C*micsgate crowd. (A recent tweet just today refers to a “soy free” diet, which refers to several memes popular on the alt-right.) DC had been under social media pressure to let go of Van Sciver, but it seems to be a case of both parties deciding it just wasn’t working any more.

Van Sciver’s departure coincides with Johns’ lessened presence at DC, so the team is definitely broken up for now.





  1. I suspect that this was mostly on Sciver, due to his work on Green Lantern Rebirth DC would have probably kept him employed indefinitely if he didn’t want to leave.

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