I wrote about this in my link round up the other day, but I wanted to give it it’s own item just as a benchmark for how far comics promo can go. Hawke joined Jimmy Fallon to talk about INDEH, the new graphic novel about the Apache Wars, which is drawn by Greg Ruth and doubtless based on a screenplay, but it’s a very well drawn tale.

Of course, the bit where Hawke and Fallon sang made up “FML” country songs got all the headlines.

It isn’t quite like when Harvey Pekar was a regular on Letterman, though. Perhaps someday a graphic novelist who is not also an award-nominated actor will be on The Tonight Show to chat about her book.


  1. How quickly they forget. It’s only been 55 weeks since this very website reported on Matt Fraction appearing on The Late Show with Seth Meyers.

  2. Ben, I was actually going to throw in here how Seth Meyers, a confirmed comics lover, has had a lot of comics guests on, as had Disney owned Jimmy Kimmel. Colbert had a bunch on when it was Comedy Central but not sure about the Late Show.

    That said, The Tonight Show is still the most hallowed hall of late night.

    Also, will people stop saying that all we need for comics to sell 100,000 copies an issue is celebrities flogging them on TV!

  3. You’re likely right that there is a Late Night hierarchy beyond my ken here, and appearing on one host’s show is not quite the same spotlight or recognition. Sorry to be snarky. I was just surprised that you seemed to be indicating that no creators (and I would claim, and I think you’d agree, that there’s a difference between Quesada doing Marvel hype on The Colbert Report, and a writer or artist being a guest who can both provide artistic comment and persona) were trying to establish this kind of profile, when one, very much not a household name, had done so recently. But I do largely agree you’re right that we only usually see this sort of thing when an established entertainer goes out of his way in an interview to mention his cross-media efforts in comics. Q.v. Kevin Smith, Brian Posehn, etc.

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