It’s new comic book day, the best day of the week! Before I rush off to my LCS, let’s round-up the few relevant entertainment headlines that are out and about:

– Last night’s episode of The Flash was pretty excellent, with easily the best final 10 minutes that I’ve seen in a superhero television adaptation. Some of the key players of the latest installment spoke with the press yesterday about the ramifications of Barry’s actions and what’s to come:

SPOILERS!!!!!! Look away now if you’re behind on your viewing….

What happens when you interrupt the space/time continuum on The Flash?

ANDREW KREISBERG: Like Wells has said in a previous episode, there are different versions of time travel. There’s the fixed loop, and then there’s the version where time is more plastic and mutable. One of the fun things is discovering what’s a fixed point in time, what can’t be changed and what things always have to happen, and then what things are changeable and are mutable. It’s a mixture of both. Obviously, none of us knows how time travel really works, but we’ve come up with our rules and we try to stick by them. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but a lot of what we’re doing now is stuff we set up in the pilot. You can go back and watch the pilot and go, “Oh, I get it! That’s why that stream of things is happening!

Will Barry still have to stop Mark Mardon (Liam McIntyre) again?

KREISBERG: The ramifications of this episode are the fun of Episode 16, and seeing how much of what happened in Episode 15 still happens and how much of it might possibly change.

Cisco is a very smart guy. Will he still be suspicious of Dr. Wells, even though they’ve gone back in time?

KREISBERG: Part of the fun of Episode 16 is watching that when time changes, certain events will occur that prevent Cisco from following along the same trajectory. You’ll see how things play out, but in a completely different way.

Now we know that Harrison really is Eobard Thawne. How will that tie into Eddie Thawne, and what will their connection be?

KREISBERG: You can take him at his word that there obviously is a family connection between the two of them. There are some great scenes coming up, between Tom and Rick [Cosnett], that starts to become a storyline. It’s cool stuff. We’re not trying to purposely trick the comic book fans. Being one myself, you can get upset when it’s not quite the way it was in the book. But, the show has to live on its own and it has to be for everybody. It can’t just be an adaptation of comic books that people have already read and know so well. Obviously, we’ve thought of this, from the very beginning, and it’s been leading up to this.

And then there’s the kicker:

Is there a parallel universe now, where there is no Flash?

KREISBERG: Is there?

TOM CAVANAGH: Is there? Answer a question with a question.

I’m still predicting that the season ends with Barry saving his mom and the time ramifications of that taking shape in some way to set up Season 2 (someone else is The Flash perhaps? Wally? Jay?). Make sure you check out the link above for more quotes including further details from Tom Cavanagh about Dr. Wells’ latest revelation and Candice Patton on the future of Barry and Iris.

Latino Review has a new report this morning with the rumored front-runner to direct Star Wars Episode IX, J.J. Abrams. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens director would make some level of sense given that Episode VIII director Rian Johnson is reportedly scripting Episode IX, and were Abrams to helm it, it would be a sort of “synthesis” of their two visions for the franchise.

– Here’s the first SPECTRE poster, looking as non-descript as possible, but if any of you are like my significant other, any picture of Daniel Craig is a good picture:

spectre poster


  1. How incredible was The Flash last night? That was some of the smartest network TV I have seen in quite sometime.

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