For a young adventurer, what happens when slaying dragons and rescuing fair maidens isn’t enough to truly save the day? Italian cartoonist Enrico Orlandi explores just that in his debut graphic novel, The Flower of the Witch, which is getting an English release from Dark Horse Comics next year. Translated by Jamie Richards, the 112-page all-ages graphic novel tells the story of Tami, a young boy who is exiled from his home until he comes of age.

Here’s Dark Horse’s full description for the forthcoming book:

Tami has traveled long and far from his home in the south, forbidden to return until he has become a man, in this coming-of-age story. Defeating monsters and saving princesses has not been enough, and now he must find the fabled flower of the witch, but in his quest, Tami inadvertently sparks a feud between the villagers who shelter him and the demon Yabra! And when the conflict comes to a head, Tami will have to choose between proving himself as a man, and protecting the villagers he’s come to love.

Orlandi’s Il Fiore Della Strega was originally published in full-color in 2018 by Italian publisher Tunué. The cartoonist’s style is reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender, for which Dark Horse also produces comics. In a release, Dark Horse describes The Flower of the Witch as “a timely reflection on identity, responsibility, and the true meaning of maturity.”

Check out the cover for the new translation below. The Flower of the Witch will retail for $14.99, and is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on June 17th, 2020, with a bookstore release date of June 30th, 2020.

The Flower of the Witch
The Flower of the Witch