Seeing as how we were responsible for getting a new round of “Preacher is an HBO miniseries” rumors going, we decided we would go straight to the horses mouth and get the skinny from writer Garth Ennis who says: NO GO. Those brother’s cousin stories have been refuted by “sources” at other places, but this is as definitive as it gets.

“There’s been a steady buzz,” of interest, he says, but there is no TV show in production. “I think I would know if it had gone that far. Someone at HBO likes it and they may have mentioned this to other people but in terms of anything solid, there’s nothing at all.”

Ennis did say that he’s looking forward to THE BOYS, his new creator-owned book with Darick Robertson due from Wildstorm later this year, which he thinks will cause some comment. He also confirmed he’s working on a project created by John Woo at Virgin Comics. So there may be no HBO series in his future, but he is a busy, busy boy.


  1. And where the heck is the new book with Steve Dillon?? It’s taking years and years from when they announced it. Hope it’s still on, considering how they each said it was the best book they’d been working on.