Here at Stately Beat Manor, we’ve put our entire tech team on a VERY troubling and pressing problem. It seems that we have not been receiving emails from at least one of our most trusted pals on our Gmail account. An investigation on that is ongoing, but if one email hasn’t been getting through, isn’t it possible that other people’s mail has been lost to the tubes as well?

Compounding the problem — we have been in the throes of email overload and haven’t been able to answer it in a timely fashion to begin with.

Anyway, if you suspect your emails have not been reaching us, try our old AOL account.

Has anyone else had this problem with Gmail?



  1. Hello,

    Just an statement to those that can read. If you be so kind as to read the operational manual for your gmail. You will find it was specifically designed with the budding professional in mind. Spam is not a welcome factor in the gmail make up. It is made for those that need to archive important document’s in the making, conversation’s for those long distance family meeting’s. The only plrblem with e-mail is the very real fact most of you are to busy to read. It is considered stylish to have an opinion, however it is far wiser to have a factual presentation of fact’s so that you can make a valid descision for yourself, and your company. Reset your program following the outlines this time. Pretty soon it stop’s being about the software, the type of pc you use. It starts being about you.

  2. “The only plrblem with e-mail is the very real fact most of you are to busy to read.”

    Although not too busy to write.

    Oh, and you don’t use an apostrophe when pluralizing.

  3. To silentnight1
    You know if you’d have phrased that in a helpful way, people might want to thank you, and there would have been good feelings all around. You might have even been able to use your real name, and people would be glad to meet you in real life. As you didn’t, I’ll assume that you know that being rude comes back to you, and leads to unhappiness. This is true even if we don’t know who you are, because even your own bad vibes can send your day down the tubes. Just some friendly food for thought.

  4. I use Gmail as my primary email account, and have never had any problems. The Spam filter works well for me, but you do have to check that folder. Once in awhile the filter decides that anything with a distribution list must be spam.

  5. I have confirmation of reply e-mails from people I have sent and that have dissappeared into the ether and now we must communicate through another e-mail account. I had her in my contacts and it didn’t bounce to her and I saw on her send it as a test.

    And if silentknight had not posted a snarky comment and told us how to resolve this issue, since I read his post, I’ve been poking around gmail and can’t quite find the page to make this work.

    Anyways, Heidi, keep up the good work, always a good read.