Launching early for ELCAF (the full release isn’t slated until September), Jörg Tittel and John Aggs’ book ‘Ricky Rouse Has A Gun’ will be on offer at the SelfMadeHero booth. Possibly the most likely comic ever to get sued by Disney, the book takes aim at a certain familiar rodent, and the rest of his crew.

Billed as being a satirical action-comedy, the book is a manic take on US-China relations, as US army deserter Rick Rouse finds himself in China, where the only job he can get is on a knockoff Disney theme park. But when terrorists land in the grounds, he’s the only one who can save the day – only, he’s probably not allowed to take off that costume, because that’d break canon.

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John Aggs will be on hand himself to sign copies of the book – and like I say, this is an early chance to get your hands on a book that nobody else will get to touch until September!

If you’re not at ELCAF? You can keep an eye on the book right here!