As you may have heard, color editions of comics that were originally done in black & white are a thing right now.  And another title to the list: Age of Bronze.  Eric Shanower, who might be better know for his Oz books, has been working on this series that retells the Trojan War on and off since 1998.  Come September, the color editions will start being released with Age of Bronze, Vol. 1: A Thousand Ships.

And remember, Shanower won the Best Writer/Artist Eisner in 2001 and 2003 for his work on Age of Bronze. 

Official PR follows:

Eric Shanower (The Wonderful Wizard of OzLittle Nemo: Return to Slumberland) will release all-new full-color editions of his acclaimed historical fiction series beginning this September with AGE OF BRONZE, VOL. 1: A THOUSAND SHIPS.

Helen runs off with Paris. Agamemnon declares war on Troy. Achilles hides among girls. Odysseus goes mad. And that’s only the beginning.

This is the Trojan War like you’ve never seen it before, featuring vibrant colors by Harvey Award-nominated Black Cherry Bombshells creator John Dallaire that lift the politics and passion of Eric Shanower’s work to new heights.

“I’m really happy to present AGE OF BRONZE in color at last,” said Shanower. “Color gives an exciting new dimension to the story. John Dallaire has been great to work with, and I hope readers will really love the new look.”

AGE OF BRONZE, VOL. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0829-9, Diamond code: JUN180059) hits comic book stores Wednesday, September 12th and bookstores Tuesday, September 18th.



  1. This is a bit old news… But if it gets some extra readers for the comics, then yay! It’s a great series and I hope that this also invigorates Shanower to get on with the thing!

  2. I’m afraid people won’t start purchasing this new color edition it until they know the full story has been completed. I know I won’t switch to color before knowing it has been finished first.

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