Gentleman cartoonist Eddie Campbell was at TCAF last week and he did a lot of interviews.

And in most of them, including the one upcoming with myself at More to Come on Friday, he mentioned that his big project is….

a colored version of FROM HELL. This comics masterpiece covering the complete story of Jack the Ripper was written by Alan Moore and drawn by Campbell and published over years in black and white by Top Shelf. It was adapted into a movie starring Johnny Depp all the way back in 2001 before comics were an IP farm. Moore took the opportunity to showcase his enormous body of knowledge about Victorian England to tie in every conspiracy theory known to man and a few more.

The color version wil be published as a series of periodicals by Top Shelf/IDW starting in September. And then, one presumes, collected.

Campbell himself is doing the coloring,  and told me he’s also taking the chance to correct errors in the art. although they are teeny tiny errors, like a character  wearing a heavy scarf on a warm day.

Campbell says he’s still friendly with Alan Moore and convinced him that it was a god idea to do the new version.

And yes, Campbell is stocking up on red paint.



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