Oaf-Collection-Front-Cover-smallIt’s Monday.  The work week has just begun.  That means it’s time to start making weekend plans.  If you’re in Portland, OR, you can get an early start to the debauchery by joining Ed Luce at Floating World Comics from 6PM-8PM on Thursday, June 4th to celebrate the launch of his Fantagraphics book, Wuvable Oaf.

The volume collects Luce’s story of an ex-wrestler named Oaf, who lives in San Francisco with an incomprehensible number of cats.  Oaf falls for a singer named Eiffel and Luce celebrates San Francisco’s queer community and music scene through the romantic story of these two men.

Oregon journalist Melanie Burke provides a closer look at the event below:

In addition to exclusive bookplates, the launch party will feature an exhibit of Luce’s work, including hand-drawn originals. Floating World owner Jason Leivian says that he hopes to draw in some of the First Thursday crowd, a once-a-month event that encourages residents to explore Portland’s art scene, and that they will see something they weren’t expecting.

“Portland, of all cities, gets what I’m doing on a sort of across the board level,” says Luce. “Especially [Floating World]. There’ll be quite a few original pieces in that show and they’re kind of like the last hold outs of my pen-to-paper years—I work almost exclusively digitally now.”

Luce will be signing during the event and copies of Wuvable Oaf will be available for purchase.