So, over in the Meadowlands this weekend, there’s this little comic con going on… Nothing big… a few media celebrities, a few Silver Age greats, the up-and-coming talent with a few credit…

Ah… who am I kidding?!  I recognize almost every name teased below!  Every decade from the 60s to the 10s is represented with Hall-Of-Famers, seasoned pros, and future comics rock stars!

Sweet Christmas, that’s an all-star roster!

I admit… I’m terrible with names.  Heck, I have trouble recalling Neal Adams’ name! But dang…  this is a crazy amount of talent, with names well known to comics fans! There are animators, fanzine greats, cover artists (both comics and records!), writers, illustrators, comic strip creators, historians, and even some guy who was famous for making dinosaur t-shirts! Below is just a tease…   Visit their website for more information!


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