Hasn’t anyone posted these online?

Shamelessly stolen from Rich Johnston:

Favourite Comics Writer
Warren Ellis

Favourite Comics Writer/Artist
Mike Mignola

Favourite Comics Artist: Pencils
John Cassaday

Favourite Comics Artist: Inks
Paul Neary

Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork
Alex Ross

Favourite Colourist
Laura Martin

Favourite Letterer
Chris Eliopoulos

Favourite Editor
Matt Smith

Favourite Publisher

Favourite Colour Comicbook – American
“All Star Superman”

Favourite Colour Comicbook – British
“2000 AD”

Favourite Black and White Comicbook – American
“The Walking Dead”

Favourite Black and White Comicbook – British
“Hero Killers”

Favourite New Comicbook

Favourite Manga
“Blade of the Immortal”

Favourite European Comics
“Asterix and the Vikings”

Favourite Comics Story published during 2006

Favourite Comics Cover published during 2006
“Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall”

Favourite Original Graphic Novel
“Pride of Baghdad”

Favourite Reprint Compilation
“Absolute Sandman” Volume 1

Favourite Comics Character

Favourite Comics Villain
Dirk Anger

Favourite Magazine About Comics

Favourite Comics-Related Book
“Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comcis, Manga and Graphic Novels”

Favourite Comics-Based Movie Or TV

Favourite Comics Related Website

Favourite Web-Based Comic
“Penny Arcade”

Roll of Honour
Warren Ellis


  1. “Favourite Comics Character
    Batman ”

    Who votes for these things?? I can’t remember anything (of significance) involving the bats from 2006, so WTF??

  2. Favourite Comics-Based Movie Or TV

    Someone needs to tell these stupid Brits that Heroes is not based on a comic.