Mini Bristol Comic Expo 2007 9The reports coming in from the Bristol Comics Expo this weekend are surprisingly lucid thus far — pretty shocking, but guess the big drinkers are still in detox. The Forbidden Planet Blog has a nice write up with lots of pictures, including the one above which shows the Olde English tradition of congoers being trooped into a dungeon for torture and flaying. This is by FAR the most sober report on an English con we have EVER read.

Pia Guerra also reports:

The Bristol expo is so much fun. The attendance is a couple of thousand or so with makes it very cozy. It’s one of the most polite shows I’ve ever been to, very refreshing. The signings went well and we have a few more set for tomorrow, an 11am spot at the American Dreams booth and another one in the autograph area, possibly at noon.

The day’s only marked negative was taking a break outside for some air and while resting on a bus stop bench we witnessed (or rather heard) a pigeon run over by a car. Gah!

The official con site has lots of pictures of cosplay up — they have their own way of doing it — BUT NOT the Eagle Award winners. Hm. Priorities!

Thanks to RS! for the links.


  1. Gah! That pirate kitty pleaded with me to buy the display poster of my mini-comic! I haggled with her and got a tenner for it – felt a bit guilty afterwards – I’ve never seen a lady look at me quite so pleadingly before – still, first time for everything I suppose :)

  2. The Wench, eh? I should print this photo out and tap it to the refrigerator. It serve as a reminder why I need to lose weight and get in shape–in the vein hope I might meet the woman of my dreams at a con, and that she’ll enjoy dressing up as a wench.