Jane ArtTo celebrate the debut of the Minx line (at long last) Plain JANES author Cecil Castellucci is guest blogging at [email protected], and thought she earns nerd points by name checking Batman, we’re more interested in her reminiscences of going to the “Fame” high school.

Basically, half the day we would do our art, in my case, Theater, and the other half of the day we would do academics. It was great to be in a school where your art was your priority and everyone else was dead serious about being some kind of artist or living an artistic life. Notable class mates were Jennifer Aniston (no explanation needed), Chastity Bono (Sonny and Cher’s daughter), Eagle Eye Cherry (a musician), and Erez Yakin (Silent City / The Remarkable Worlds of Professor Phineas B. Fuddle – who I had a crush on when he sat next to me in Geometry class and he introduced me to the Dark Knight). In the class two years above me were David Herman (Office Space – who I had a ginormo crush on) and Dean Haspiel (who I didn’t know at all, but I probably thought was a cool senior). That said, Theater Jane is the character that probably is the closest to my own High School experience. But then again, it was “all art, all the time” in High School for me and my friends, so while my friends and I didn’t do any art attacks, we definitely shared the Jane’s point of view about making the world beautiful through artistic expression.

Also: talk about her new novel BEIGE, and her thoughts on flyers tacked to telephone polls.


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