Bethesda tells gamers they’re sorry about the launch of Fallout 76, even though Todd Howard all but admitted that the developers knew Fallout 76 would be extremely rocky. The game was announced in June and released just a few months later to disastrous results.
At the start of its E3 press conference, however, Bethesda tried to convince gamers it’s sorry about the launch they predicted. De facto spokesman Todd Howard started by focusing on how great the players are rather than discussing the game they played.
Subsequently, the head developers came on stage discuss its latest update, titled Wastelanders. It includes a new questline and dialogue trees. They even announced a battle royale component. Check out the trailer for the update:

The game will be free to play for the next week. In the last year, Fallout 76 seems to have transformed into a decent game. If only they waited a year to release it.

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