Along with the image, we’re told:

Kirby: Genesis is coming!
Dynamite presents Alex Ross, and he’s bringing a friend!
Stay tuned for full announcement coming soon!


  1. Pass, I have no interest in warned over Kirby by other people (Like paying to watch Justine Timberlake doing Elvis impressions) and Alex Ross seems to have no quality control process meaning that his name is splashed across a lot of low quality comics.

  2. I’m really mixed on my opinion of Alex Ross. First of all, he has incredible talent, there is no denying that, however, I think he really falls down in his storytelling ability. It’s really hard to look at one of his pages with, overlapping panels and glowing colors and really be able to follow panel to panel continuity. I think he decided long ago that “gutters” weren’t necessary, and just eliminated them. I think based on his superstar status, no one feels the need to edit him. However, if someone stepped in and gave him advice, I believe he could easily step up his game and be a better all around storyteller. Right now, he is a very gifted illustrator, but maybe that’s it.

  3. I have to agree with a lot the sentiments here. I really like a lot of Alex Ross standalone art work like the DC Heroes poster series and his work on “Marvels” and “Kingdom Come” but then there is work like the above mentioned “Project Super Powers” and thinking of that combined with Kirby just makes me shudder.

  4. Maybe Ross is just suited (marketable) to do iconic paintings of established characters? And just his art alone is not a pull for readers?

  5. Well, considering that rumors place Busiek as the writer for this mini-series, I think that may draw more eyes than just Ross alone.

  6. Well, OK — I’LL buy it if you won’t. I’m apparently not cool enough to express disdain for Alex Ross, one of the great talents in comics today. I like his books just fine, thanks.

    Also, doesn’t anyone remember the Kirby characters Ross did so well in Marvels? Like the whole Galactus saga chapter? I’m sorry, but I think that was spectacular, and their styles meshed perfectly.

    Enjoy your bitterness – I’m gonna have fun with some good comics.

  7. Patrick, just to make sure everyone is on the same page; have you read “Project Super Powers”, or “Justice,” or “Earth X?” If you have read them, and if you enjoy them, then awesome; that’s great. It’s just that for many, “Marvels” and “Kingdom Come” were a long, long time ago, and it doesn’t require a massive amount of bitterness to simply realize that, in time, tastes change, talents change and creators change.

    And there is nothing more tiresome than the “You’re only pretending not to like [such and such] just to act cool” accusation.

  8. Patrick, why are you so defensive? It’s fine to like what you like. Being “cool” or bitter has nothing to do with an opinion on someone’s storytelling abilities. If you were looking at the stories with both eyes open, you could see some of the glaring problems. Instead you decide to follow your idol blindly, and come to the conclusion that he can do no wrong. Go for it.

    I will stand by my statement that Alex Ross is a very talented illustrator, but perhaps not totally suited for comic books, and could refine his storytelling technique.

  9. Not defensive at all, Blackeye – what do I have to defend? I’m just tired of the relentless negativity whenever I read about Ross these days, and I’m a little tired of it. It just seems like the new “thing” for everyone to jump on in comments sections.

    I for one think his storytelling is almost as good as his rendering, and they’re both excellent! :)

    And Joel – I really did enjoy “Justice”! Yay! I’m sorry you got the impression I thought people were “pretending” to not like his work. I didn’t say that at all. I’m simply sad about everyone piling on with the, frankly, bitter and unpleasant comments about his work every time I see him mentioned online.