Dynamite announced today two new children’s books set to release this October. Check out the details on each below!

Mr. Zip

Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day 

The iconic mascot of the United States Postal Service, Mr. ZIP™ is getting a new book this fall thanks to Dynamite and Curiosity Ink Media, a division of Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. Mr. ZIP, which is owned and under license by the USPS, has been reimagined for a new era of young readers, who are invited to join him on his mail route and learn the behind-the-scenes of delivering mail.

Mr. Zip Mr. Zip Mr. Zip

The USPS introduced Mr. ZIP, or “Zippy” in 1963 as a fun cartoon personification to help spur widespread usage of the new ZIP Code™ system. For the 60th anniversary of this classic American icon, the character will star in a new series of licensed books starting in fall 2023. Non-fiction, novelty, picture books, and activity books for 3-8-year-olds are in the works.

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The first book finds Mr. ZIP attempting to complete his mail delivery route in Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day, written by Annie Auerbach and features artwork by Laura Catrinella. The 20-page board book is ideal for kids interested in learning more about the world around them, their community, and how their mail finds its way into their homes. It also features fun flaps to lift on every page!

Mr. ZIP and his trusty eagle sidekick, B. Franklin, start their day in the mail room, just like any other. The big twist in store for them is that it’s going to be a very windy day! A sudden gust of wind blows all of the mail away. It’s up to this wholesome duo to track down all the scattered mail and then deliver it all before the end of the day!

Not only will readers get a peek into how mail is delivered, but they can help Mr. ZIP deliver mail to all his regular stops, like the ice cream parlor, flower shop, library, and more. Future books will engage children’s imagination, and creativity through a series of playful, charming, and interactive books for young readers.

“Mr. ZIP is such a fun character, and his simple, clean design has translated to decades of nostalgia,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite Entertainment CEO and Publisher. “We’re really excited at Dynamite to be playing a role in bringing this American icon back to center stage for whole new generations.”

“Because of Mr. ZIP’s natural talent and passion for problem-solving and understanding how things work, the timing couldn’t be better to introduce him to a new generation of kids along with his feathered friend B. Franklin,” said Jon Rosenberg, Curiosity Ink Media EVP, and Publisher. “We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Dynamite to distribute and bring Mr. ZIP’s mail bag of tips, tricks, and tools, to kids on his daily route.”

Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day is slated for release in October 2023.

Cats vs. Pickles: Cats on the Run! Coloring & Activity Book 

Dynamite is also tapping into the fan-favorite Cats vs. Pickles franchise with a brand-new activity book. The toys from Cepia LLC are the iconic super soft, 4″ bean-filled collectible plushies that tell a touching tale of friendship, acceptance, and inclusivity.

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Based on the endearing premise that’s won hearts globally – cats mistakenly being frightened of pickles, with pickles only wishing for companionship – Cats vs Pickles has garnered unprecedented attention.

With over 2.5 million views and an astounding 2.5 million hours of YouTube content consumed, 100 million views on TikTok, and a strong community of nearly 150 thousand followers on Meta, this franchise shows no sign of slowing down.

Thanks to a collaboration between Dynamite Entertainment and Curiosity Ink Media, a division of Grom Social Enterprises, Inc., fans young and old can now indulge in nearly 100 pages of furry-filled entertainment. Perfectly crafted for kids aged three to seven, this activity book promises more than mere fun.

Authored by the talented Annie Auerbach, children can dive deep into the dynamic world of Cats vs Pickles. From coloring pages aplenty to brain-teasing puzzles, mazes, and games, the new release is a treasure trove of amusement. And let’s not forget the cherry on top – over 100 stickers that kids can proudly showcase, with a nod to parents’ approval, of course.

This release is the third book in Dynamite and Curiosity’s publishing journey with the Cats vs Pickles franchise. Eager fans can look forward to other titles like “Everybody Loves Cats vs. Pickles” and the festive-themed “Cats vs. Pickles: How the Gherkins Stole Christmas,” set to roll out just in time for the holiday season.

Cats vs. Pickles: Cats on the Run! Coloring & Activity Book will be released in October.