Dynamite has a digital comics sale going on right now and it’s a fairly broad one, so let’s have a quick look through some of the more interesting items.

The Boys is one of Dynamite’s signature titles.  Written by Garth Ennis with Darick Robertson as the primary artist, it’s… a little hard to describe.  Initially a comedy, if becomes more serious at it progresses.  It concerns a black ops squad keeping tabs on the military-industrial complex that’s manufacturing super heroes (who many not be heroic) and how things to horribly wrong in oh so many ways.  The most economical way to get it is the omnibus set.

The Shadow is another character Dynamite’s done a lot with.  There a couple good choice’s here: The Last Illusion by Cullen Bunn, Giovanni Timpano and Colton Worley has The Shadow infiltrating a band of illusionists looking for Houndini’s ghost to find out how to escape death itself.  The Shadow: Year One Omnibus is the Matt Wagner/ Wilfredo Torres take on The Shadow’s origins.

You’re familiar with Eduardo Risso, of course?  A frequent collaborator with Brian Azzarello?  Before 100 Bullets, Risso drew a post-apocalyptic adventure called Borderline that’s a lot of fun.

And for something completely different.  There’s a bit of buzz going on about the Barack Obama detective novel.  That’s not outrageous.  An Obama / Army of Darkness (Evil Dead) crossover, now that’s outrageous and Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama goes all the way back to 2010.

And there’s a lot more to browse, if you want to dive in.

Also, there’s still a DC sale and a Marvel sale going on.


  1. Oooh, I think I knew about Borderline at one stage but left it and forgot. I was quite the Risso fan at the time 100 Bullets was published. I bought the Chicanos series IDW translated for the US market, and that detective-genre work was full of development and reminiscent of the acclaimed artist from 100 Bullets. I’ll have to try a volume of this post-apocalypse genre /Borderline to see if I like it

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