Marvel has a “Bronze Age” sale going on right now.

Now, your value buys are still probably going to be over at the current DC sale (I think the days of 99¢ Marvel digital TPBs have ended, alas), but there’s still some choice material here.

So, there was this movie you might have heard of called Black Panther?  Kind of popular?  There are a couple Black Panther volumes in the sale. The Panther’s Rage Epic Collection is the Don McGregor / Rich Buckler / Billy Graham (and a few others) collection primarily from Jungle Action that introduces a lot of the Panther mythos and further develops what it doesn’t introduce.  The stories hold up and it has some great art.  Billy Graham should be a bigger name.  That’s about 400 pages of T’Challa.  Black Panther Masterworks, Vol. 2  really is the next volume in the 70s Panther sequence and is centered around Kirby’s run on the title which is more of free wheeling science fantasy adventure and completely different in tone from Panther’s Rage.  About 350 pages here, so another large collection.

You remember Steve Gerber?  You should.  He’s a genius.  Gerber did a lot of signature work for Marvel in the 70s and one of them was Man-Thing.  The Complete Man-Thing by Steve Gerber is a 2-volume set (400+ pages each).  As the Man-Thing makes his home by the Nexus of All Realities, this is a pretty wide ranging series, with terror in the swamp in some issues and interdimensional travel in other.  Howard the Duck is actually a Man-Thing spin-off.

Tomb of Dracula was unquestionably one of Marvel’s 70s high points and Tomb of Dracula, The Complete Collection Vol. 1 is included here.  It’s good stuff, but there are some caveats.  First off, the series, as it’s remembered, doesn’t really get started until Marv Wolfman arrives with issue 7.  The first 6 issues don’t click in the same way.  Marvel has also been very slow with the TPBs here.  You can pick up the 70 issue run in single issues on sale for $0.99 each, but it will inevitably be less expensive to pick them up on sale in TPB form if Marvel ever gets around to it.  Still a classic run by Wolfman and Colan, though.

There are plenty of things to browse here, particularly if you like single issues.


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