DC’s having a “Volume 1” sale that’s deep enough to warrant its own post.  Digital SDCC sales?  I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

There are a LOT of volume ones here, so I’ll try to highlight some interesting things that haven’t been on sale recently.  (You may have noticed there’s a core of books that are on sale seemingly every other week.)  As this is a Volume 1 sale, the idea is to get you interested in buying vol. 2, so don’t say you weren’t warned about that.

Batman Year One is Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli doing their version of Batman’s origin and first year.  Yes, it’s getting highly annoying that EVERYONE has to have their own version of the Batman origin and early years, but this is the mini that really started the trend.  It’s also a stand alone volume.  Speaking Batman, Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo is a value buy.  512 pages of the Bob Haney / Jim Aparo Brave and the Bold run from the 70s.  For the uninitiated, this was the Batman team up title and it sort of existed in its own little universe.  Haney-verse really.  The emphasis is on fun.

For a more current volume, The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt is an interesting book that probably reads better collected, but then I seldom read Ellis in single issues.  Speaking of Ellis, his Wildstorm superhero work started with Stormwatch.  Not as celebrated, but a lot of things spun out of it.

The Golden Age volumes are value buys, coming in around 400 pages each.  The original Wonder Woman run is as over-the-top as you’ve heard.  Batman starts out a bit pulpier before Robin turns up.  Superman spends his early days chasing after the Ultra-Humanite, not Luthor.

Prez is the criminally under-appreciated political comedy Mark Russell did before Flintstones.  5 minutes in the future, after age restrictions for office have gone away and social media influencers dictate elections, a teen age girl is accidentally elected president when her “corndog girl” video goes viral and brokered deals in Congress go awry.  It’s less of a satire now than when it was published.

There’s plenty of stuff to browse, so go have a look.


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