Comic shops are starting to reopen, and recovery is slowly beginning for the industry. In an attempt to help out retailers, Dynamite Comics has extended its returnable titles program through August 2020. The publisher had initially announced in March that all titles through the pandemic and shutdowns would be returnable to decrease risk as they ordered their stock. The expiration date for the program was July, but as the COVID-19 situation changes daily, Dynamite is now including titles in stores through August 26.

retailersIn addition to returnable books, the publisher has been running sales on graphic novels and other products in an effort to keep the direct market and retailers going. They have also shifted release schedules to the make the pre-holiday July 1 a “Dynamite Day” with issues of five top titles released during an otherwise quiet week for comics.

“The retailers in our industry currently have had it incredibly hard. Many went two months, and some more, without being able to have open stores. Fortunately, retailers have been able to stay open, but we know it hasn’t been easy for them. We want to help retailers as much as possible, and we’ve created a few programs. We’ve been releasing Retailer Premium covers to retailers at the base cost so that they can capitalize to help make money, we’ve created deep discounts on our collections, and we’ve had our entire line returnable to date. We’re going to extend the returnability through the end of August,” states Publisher and CEO Nick Barrucci. “We’re here for our retailers. The industry is a family, and we will continue to grow together.”

The list of titles set for an August release are:

August 5:
-Killing Red Sonja #3
-Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #3

retailersAugust 12:
-Vampirella #12
-Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #6

August 19:
-Death to the Army of Darkness #5
-Vampirella / Red Sonja #10
Green Hornet #2
-Red Sonja #18


August 26:
-Bettie Page #2
-The Boys: Dear Becky #4
-George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings #6
-Killing Red Sonja #4
-Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1
-Sacred Six #3