Okay it isn’t a comic, it’s kindle ebook. And it sells for only $2.99. But SEAL TEAM SIX: NO MORE #1: by Doug Murray has sold some 115,000 copies, I’m told. It’s a spin-off of Chuck Dixon’s Seal Team Six novel, also a Dynamite ebook. Here’s the plot:

When Randall ‘Flame’ O’Donnell is forced to leave the SEALs due to a traumatic head injury he received on a mission, he firmly believes his life to be over. Leaving the SEALs is painful and impossible; Flame is certain life cannot only never be the same, but he doesn’t know how to live without them. Facing a lifetime as a nothing but a civilian, Flame finds himself considering things he never thought he would: like joining the private sector and getting a job. But this is no ordinary job. Partnering up with ex-CIA analyst and NSA agent Dana Morton, Flame finds himself reliving his SEAL days by becoming the muscle in an agency that investigates and protects.

People love reading these millitary elite force novels, and good on Dynamite for successfully expanding their product mix.


  1. I’m not sure where it stands right now but male action fiction was huge back in the 70s and early 80s. I’m not sure it’s survived much into the era of the $7 paperback but that price looks just about on the nose for this sort of diversion.


  2. That number doesn’t seem to pass the smell test. Over 100k sales less than a month after publication, but only #10,898 on the Kindle store ranking?

  3. Harlequin (yes, the romantic Canadian publisher) does have a male line:
    Gold Eagle / Worldwide Library.
    That’s where you find the Mack Bolan and Executioner series, which seem to be monthly.

    DC, Marvel… they are amateurs at marketing to a specific audience, when compared to Harlequin.
    Each month, there’s at least one (and usually FOUR) title issued in each of their eighteen romance series, with TWELVE imprints.

    Each has a curated, almost mathematical, mission statement, both for readers and authors. (Yes, Grant Morrison, they still publish medical romances!) And boy, do they do manga! (Usually set in the Middle East.)

    They were early adopters of ebooks (an e-reader is the “plain brown wrapper” for a romance novel), selling the monthly four-packs for the cost of one paperback. But currently, they face strong competition from self-publishers of erotica and romance titles. Which will probably affect other genre publishers as well in the coming decade….

  4. Bob H,

    I apologize. I was not clear to Heidi when I gave her the info. The series to date when we released this hit 115,000 units on the first 5 novels. We’re approaching 120,000 now with the new release.

    Again, I apologize and thank you for the catch.



  5. @Nick: (Ditto what BobH said):

    Thanks for the clarification / Gratifying to see people concerned about the integrity of their numbers.

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