Dynamite have announced that their next artist’s edition hardcover will feature the work of Jock, the artist best known for his covers on Scalped and Batman, along with his interior work on The Losers, 2000AD, and Wolverine. The hardcover will include his art from all of those projects, along with his designs made for The Dark Knight Returns and Shaun of the Dead.


In all, The Art of Jock will be collecting work and designs from the past ten years of the artist’s career, and follows previous ‘The Art of’ titles for artists like Sean Phillips, Alex Ross, and Frank Thorne. Speaking on the announcement, Jock says:

I felt honoured to be given the chance to put together the first comprehensive look at the work of my career so far. It will include drawings and paintings from all of my comics projects from over the last ten years, including many sketches and unseen material, plus concept art and extensive promotional images from the various movies and posters I’ve worked on.
No date has been set for the book as of yet – it will be published in 2014. Various samples of his work were attached to the press release, indicating the range of material which will be included in the final hardcover:
shaun_of_the_dead pp10 judge_dredd_meg2 DARK_KNIGHT_TRILOGY_MOND_ARTCARDS_joker


  1. One of my favourites of Jock’s art is the cover he did for The Losers issue #9. I wonder if that will be included and if it will be unedited.

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