The first of Dynamite’s two new series announced today is Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives, a five-issue miniseries focusing on Holmes’ second most menacing nemesis (the most terrifying of his villains being, of course, the opium den).  Written by David Liss and drawn by Daniel Indro, the series will come with covers from Francesco Francavilla. Like this one, in fact!


Out in December, Liss promises that this will in fact be a Holmes-free storyline, instead focusing on Moriarty independently. Not much is revealed about the premise of the storyline beyond the idea that Moriarty will be pursuing a venture which looks to help some people in need – but also make him some money at the same time.

No one is the villain of their own narrative, and no one is evil all the time, so I thought it be fun to tell a story about a very bad man who finds himself in a situation in which he chooses to be good — mostly.  At least a little.  This story is going to take place right after the Arthur Conan Doyle story, “The Final Problem,” in which both presumably die in Switzerland.  What if Moriarty survived the fall?  Where did he go?

Liss and Indro are both well-known to Dynamite readers, for their work on books like The Shadow and Green Hornet, respectively. Indro will also be providing covers for the series, including this one set mere moments after The Final Problem:


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