As we’ve mentioned before, Dynamite is the king of “bundling” — partnering with sites like Humble Bundle, Bit Torrent and Groupees to offer very afforable digital bundles of comics. They have a bundle called “Pure Dynamte” running right now with Groupees which includes over 85 digital comics which can be purchased at a pay what you want price. They’ve just added Brickleberry, Miss Fury, The Dresden Files: Wild Card, and The Precinct. Higher purchase levels also unlock actual physical things, including statues.

As with other bundles, a portino of the proceeds will go to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Details below:

This Groupees promotion has three tiers. The first tier is unlocked with only a $1.00 contribution, while a $5.00 minimum investment offers fans an additional batch of comics and graphic novels, while the third $15.00 tier makes even more items available. Additional special deals are available to fans who commit to larger dollar values, including physical comics, and original character sketches hand-illustrated by artist Ken Haeser. Full details for tiers and special deals can be found below, with the new additions indicated in bold.

The $1.00 Tier includes 25 comics at an approximately $50.00 value (Miss Fury #1 added at no additional cost):

  • Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows: A Hollowland Graphic Novel #1-10
  • The Boys #7-14
  • Control #1
  • Dejah Thoris (2016) #1
  • Miss Fury (2016) #1
  • Pathfinder Special 2013
  • Pathfinder: Origins #1
  • Red Sonja (2016) #1
  • Swords of Sorrow #1
  • Vampirella (2016) #1

The $5.00 Tier features an additional 24 issues, at an additional value of $45.00 (a cumulative value of $95.00, and now includingBrickleberry: Armoogeddon #1 at no additional cost):

  • A Train Called Love #1-3
  • Bob’s Burgers #4-5
  • Brickleberry: Armoogeddon #1
  • John Carter: Warlord of Mars 2015 Special
  • The Mocking Dead #1-5
  • Red Sonja Goes East
  • Seduction of the Innocent #1-4
  • SMOSH #1
  • Swords of Sorrow #2-6
  • Vampirella vs. Dracula #1

The $15.00 Tier features 39 additional comics, at an approximate value of $83.00 (a culmulative value of $178.00, and now including Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Wild Card #1 and The Precinct #1 at no additional cost):

  • Dead Irons #1-4
  • Hack/Slash/Eva: Monster’s Ball #1-4
  • Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Wild Card #1
  • Kirby: Genesis #0-8
  • Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #1-6
  • The Precinct #1
  • Red Sonja: One More Day
  • Shaft: A Complicated Man #1-6
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1-5
  • The Twilight Zone: Shadow & Substance #1-4

Special Deals Include:

  • Dynamite Physical High-End Ultra-Limited Comics: First, fans who contribute a minimum of $25 will receive a box of five (5) physical random hardcovers and/or trade paperbacks amounting to an MSRP of $75 or more, in addition to the digital bundle. (Note: shipping and handling is extra and to be paid by buyers of these tiers.)
  • Also, fans who contribute a minimum of $50 will receive two (2) Dynamite Premium Comics Valued at $100.00 or more, in addition to the previous threshold items, comprising five (5) random collections and the digital bundle. The total value of this reward level is estimated at $190.00 or more. (Note: shipping and handling is extra and to be paid by buyers of these tiers.)
  • Original Artwork for 25 Lucky Fans: The first 25 fans to contribute a minimum of $75 can pick a Dynamite character of their choosing (from a selection of over a dozen characters) hand-drawn by Ken Haeser, in addition to the items attained in the previous thresholds. The total value of this reward level is estimated at $265.00 or more. (Note: shipping and handling is extra and to be paid by buyers of these tiers.)
  • The highest threshold has sold out! Dynamite also offered a $189 tier which gave fans the opportunity to acquire a gorgeousWomen of Dynamite: Vampirella Artist Proof Edition Statue, valued at $300. This special offer had a limitation of five (5) units and was quickly sold out to hardcore fans.
  • Group bonuses have been unlocked throughout the promotion, giving fans the chance to earn bonus items. The announced bonuses included Lords of the Jungle #1 once 250 bundles were sold, and Army of Darkness: Furious Road #1 once 500 bundles were sold. Dynamite is proud to reveal the additional thresholds: The Twilight Zone #1959 Special at the 750-level, andVampirella #1969 Special at the 1000-level.

Dynamite will also supply customers with the opportunity to download previews of newly-released and upcoming comic books, as well as desktop wallpapers, absolutely free. The free previews include: Army of Darkness: Ash for President, Control – The Original Issue #1 Script by Andy Diggle, Evil Ernie: Godeater #1, James Bond #7, Kiss #1, Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #1, and Wolfcop #1. Wallpapers will include Vampirella, The Mocking Dead, Red Sonja, Kiss, and Dejah Thoris.



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