You first heard about it from us a few weeks back— a secret project being produced by Eisner-nominated Lil’ Gotham co-writers Dustin Nguyen and Derek Friedolfs in partnership with all-ages book publisher Scholastic and DC Comics.  Finally, we have the official announcement.

The first of three illustrated novels licensed by Scholastic, Secret Hero Society: The Study Hall of Justice, will be published in February 2016.  The novel presents Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as middle schoolers at the mysterious Ducard Academy, where the professors have gathered innumerable superpowered people for an unknown purpose.  Think of it as Morning Glories for all ages.

Not simply a straightforward graphic novel, Secret Hero Society uses “comics, journal entries, newspaper articles, and doodles” to breathe new life into classic concepts.  According to Scholastic Associate Publisher Samantha Schultz, “what makes this series especially appealing is that it’s perfect for new fans to the franchise, but will still delight veterans who will pick up on subtle references and ‘easter eggs’ throughout the books.”

SecretHeroSocietyBook1-cover (1)

The book features a script by Fridolfs and illustrations by Nguyen, the latter of whose star has rapidly been on the rise since his intergalactic team up with Jeff Lemire on the Image Comics series Descender.  Nguyen says he’s always loved to create stories for children, “and to be able to do so with iconic characters I myself grew up with, it’s as exciting as being in the books myself!”

According to the press release:

Secret Hero Society #2 will be published in spring 2017 and will see the addition of more DC Comics favorite characters including Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Victor Stone (Cyborg), and many more. Secret Hero Society #3 will be published in spring 2018.


  1. Doesn’t this rip off that other dude’s Little League of Justice, Adventures in the Third Grade web series?

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