By Steve Morris

An SDCC announcement which mainly seems to have been announced on CBR and not as SDCC, IDW have revealed that their much-teased new Judge Dredd series will be written by Duane Swierczynski! Which, perfect casting surely. Art will be provided by Nelson Daniel, and the first issue is out in November.

What will the series be like? Given Swierczynski’s past novels, and his run on Cable, it’ll be rather gritty. In the CBR interview posted now before anybody had a chance to mention it at the con, he says

I’d like IDW’s Dredd to feel like a transgressive sci-fi black comedy police procedural — like ‘Law & Order,’ if, say, Jerry Orbach were a violent inflexible fascist

Swierczynski and Daniel’s series will be set in the past, looking back at some of the Judge’s earliest perp-shooting jollies, with back-ups for each issue drawn by people like Jim Starlin. It will be violent! And angry. And the helmet doesn’t look like it’s coming off anytime soon. No sign of Rob Schneider yet.