The other big fandom event this weekend was DragonCon down in Atlanta, and this show just gets nuttier and nuttier every year, apparently, and has beome a haven for admirers of the bodice treatment. Don’t believe us? These are the FIRST THREE PHOTO SETS we found on the Flickr search for DragonCon:
The local press could only stand by in wonder:

Dressed in a Stargate T-shirt and carrying a bag with a pin that reads, ‘‘Talk Nerdy to Me,’’ Allen was one of the more tamely dressed at Saturday’s Dragon Con parade. The march through downtown Atlanta is a highlight of the annual convention, held since 1987 and billed as ‘‘America’s largest, multimedia, popular arts convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film’’ on the Dragon Con Web site.

Last year, Dragon Con boasted more than 20,000 attendees. Hundreds paraded down Peachtree Street in a sight that drew stares, second looks and swears from passers-by who regretted not having a cameraphone handy.

Even Atlanta-based CNN got into the act! (Click on Fantasy Festival under OFFBEAT.)

The message is clear: If you like boobs, you’ll LOVE Dragon*Con!


  1. See? THIS is all Bristol’s comic expo needs to boost its attendance figures!

    Well, this, and Stormtrooper Elvis, too.

  2. I would guess any SF con is going to have more bodicim than a comics con. The “renfaire” contingent is pretty big in SF. We went to the NY RenFaire yesterday and of course there were boobies aplenty!

  3. Wussies, all of you. If you like that, then you should check out (online as it is now defunct) Fantasm, which apparently is going to be replaced by Frolicon. It is described as “an adult science fiction convention.”

    Just FYI, you puritans.