Thanksgiving is a uniquely American tradition, and getting a balloon in the revered Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a landmark for any licensed character. And now Akira Toriyama’s Goku, star of various Dragon Ball manga and anime over the years, is unlocking his Macy’s Day achievement.

The new balloon will be 70 feet long, 36 feet wide, and 56 feet tall and is promoting Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the 20th Dragon Ball film which which will be released in North America on January 16, 2019.

IT’s been a big year for Dragon Ball, which was also the subject of a nationwide tour this summer with stops at SDCC and NYCC among other places.

Dragon Ball and Goku, a powerful fighter who searches the world for the 7 dragon balls, originally appeared in manga by Toriyama – easily one of the top 10 living cartoonists –  before going on to star in countless spinoff manga, anime, movies, TV video games and every other medium.

Still, nothing can quite match the majesty of a giant Goku balloon, floating over a turkey-dreading world on a grey November sky. The new balloons were given a test inflate over at the Meadowlands, as shown in the above news video.

Goku joins Pikachu, SpongeBob, Charlie Brown, and various elves and dragons in this year’s balloon parade. No Spider-Man this year! Maybe when a new movie comes out?






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