Dark Horse Comics is once again taking readers deeper into the world of Dragon Age. The publisher has announced Dragon Age: The Missing, a new four-issue miniseries set to debut in January 2023. The new series, a prequel to the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf game, comes from the creative team of writer George Mann, artist Kieran McKeown, and colorist Michael Atiyeh, with covers from Matt Taylor.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Dragon Age: The Missing:

Varric Tethras and Lace Harding descend into the abandoned Deep Roads beneath Marnas Pell in pursuit of a former friend. But the corruption of the blight has infected the walls, and the threat of darkspawn looms heavy in the air…

The Missing is the latest Dark Horse Comics series set in the world of Dragon Age. The first series, The Silent Grove, was released digitally in 2012, and seven other tie-in miniseries have been released in the ensuing ten years. The new series is the latest Dark Horse Comics work for writer George Mann, whose other credits for the publisher include the December-debuting Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – The Nameless Terror, as well as the original graphic novel Motherbridge: Seeds of Change with artist Aleta VidalThe Missing is also the latest Dark Horse credit for artist Kieran McKeown, who has previously worked on books including Halo: Lone Wolf (with writer Anne Toole) and Aliens: Rescue (with writer Brian Wood).

Dragon Age: The Missing #1 (of 4) is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023.