Non-profit organization DoSomething launches a new scholarship campaign today, aimed at creating a more diverse future in STEM fields. The contest is called STEM Superheroes and it challenges students age 13-25 to design creative and colorful posters that feature diverse superheroes using STEM-related powers and tools to save the world. The winning poster will be printed and posted in 5,000 schools across the USA. Plus, the winning artist will receive a $5,000 scholarship.

DoSomething asks artists to display their posters in areas younger students will see them, such as libraries, schools, community centers, and more to encourage underrepresented groups to consider an interest in STEM. According to the org, 84 percent of US scientists and engineers are white or Asian men; people of marginalized genders are seriously underrepresented in STEM, as are non-able bodied people and people from other racial groups.

Although the scholarship portion of the campaign ends in September, the organization encourages students to continue postering until November 30, which is the end date of the overall campaign. DoSomething says that the lack of diversity in these fields comes partially from the fact that students in these groups are less likely to be exposed to STEM. Thus, DoSomething has created a call to action, which can be read below.

  1. Download our STEM superhero template. Use these superpower thought starters and our template to create your own STEM superhero.
  2. Hang your superhero poster in an elementary or middle school. Try a classroom, library, or hallway. Your superhero will show younger students that STEM is for them…and that it can literally change the world.
  3. Pass out our superhero template to younger students. Inspire and (super)empower them to create their own STEM superheroes!

DoSomething’s STEM Superheroes scholarship campaign runs August 8 through September 15. For more information and a full list of rules, click here.

STEM Superheroes


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