Doom Patrol 86Variety reports that Warner Bros. is planning to make a DOOM PATROL movie:

Warner Bros. Pictures is giving new life to DC Comics cult favorite “Doom Patrol,” about a band of superheroes with freakish powers, with Akiva Goldsman producing the bigscreen adaptation through his Warners-based Weed Road Pictures.

Studio has hired Adam Turner to pen the screenplay.

[snip]Producers of the film version are Goldsman and Weed Road’s Kerry Foster. Weed Road’s Matt Smith brought in the project.

“These are some of the most original, offbeat comicbook characters we have ever come across, and Adam Turner’s unique sensibility makes him a perfect fit for the material,” Goldsman told Daily Variety.

That’s OSCAR® winning Akiva Goldsman to you. The article goes on to say that DOOM PATROL has been compared to the X-Men, which might have helped sell the idea, but may have raised a few false hopes at WB. Anyway, if this leads to more opportunities fro Arnold Drake to sing then we’re all for it.


  1. You know, this might have some kid appeal since the Doom Patrol appeared on the Teen Titans cartoon show. Hopefully Mr. Goldsman will remember that during the screenwriting process.

    Secondly, he’s gotta get Rick Baker to help make Monsieur Mallah! Rick Baker knows his gorillas!

  2. i love Doom Patrol, but what era will they do? The Grant Morrison era was by far the best, but DC recreated Doom Patrol and the newly formed storyline dropped the while Morrison storyline like it never existed. The refurbished Doom Patrol is crappy.

  3. If I ever hit it big with my filmmaking career, I was going to make the ‘Doom Patrol’ movie!! Damn it!!

    My version of the flick would have the feel of the original 1960’s stories and probably have the Animal/Vegitable/Mineral man as one of the protagonists. I remember (as a six year old kid) picking up a reprint of the first A/V/Mman story and being completely engrossed. It sincerely inspired directions in my life!

    If these guys screw it up… ggggrrrrrrr!

  4. Just my two cents…. I think it can be a fabulous movie and a real money maker, as it definatly can have mass fan appeal. Negative Man and Robot Man can be rendered superbly with the new technologies avaiable but what is critical is the story. The story must reach outside the comic market and have the stuff that captivates and holds our attention. Marvel did this in a huge way with Spider-Man but completely missed it with the Hulk.
    You cannot replace a good story and character development with special effects, no matter how good they seem. Story and character development are the life bloood of any movie.
    As for the thought that the Doom Patrol copies the X-Men, that is a reverse truth. If you check your history you will find that DC published the Doom Patrol in My Greatest Adventure #80 with a June 1963 disribution date. Marvel copied the formula, made some changes and came out with the X-Men 3 months later. SO while X-Men was the first to the screen (and far more popular) the Doom Patrol were created first.

  5. Rick Baker probably would not do Doom Patrol as far as any “evil” gorilla characters are concerned – as a member of the Gorilla Foundation (myself included) We are against any “evil” or maligning depictions of gorillas, considering how much previous depictions have led to the decline of “real” gorillas, putting them on the severely endangered list. I for one, hope the movie (if an “evil” gorilla is involved) bombs horribly.

  6. they should do the grant morrison version… let robotman be tortured, let negative man be a hermaphrodite, but more than anything, bring crazy jane to the big screen! fantastic four, x-men and the hulk were all boring and stupid, but morrison’s characters and post-modern concepts are fantastical enough to amaze and complex enough to shake the genre out of it’s blasé malaise…